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"Identidad Puertorriqueña"

"Puerto Rican Identity No. 3"

Third and last mask for the Puerto Rican Identity series.
“Puerto Rican Identity No. 2.5”
"Puerto Rican Identity No. 2"
Second piece for my "Más que la cara (More than the face)" series. This one is more playful. With more wonder in it than mystery.
"Puerto Rican Identity No. 1.5"

A different connotation with a different angle. I like how different it is to the first one and how it can have different meanings as well. I made this one based on the ‘recommendations’ I got from the first one, but apparently no one liked their own recommendations and we all decided that I should keep to my original work. 

For my History of Photography class, inspired in Mapplethorpe and his flower art. 
The flower is a white Anthurium Scherzerianum, or Flamingo Flower.
Just some line art of Red Devil to get acquaintance with Illustrator. I really need more practice! 
He was one of my favorites, along with Beast Boy and Impulse. 
I really wish DC will bring him back. 
Character belongs to DC Comics. 
For my Digital Image I class, the assigment was to make a self portrait without myself in it, I ended up putting most of my face in the project, although everything else is not me.
I guess it represent how I would like to look and how I see myself; my eyes are my built-in-lenses and my hair being so light it actually flows (with ideas), instead of my heavy curls.
I liked how it turned out, being one of those rare works I don’t plan ahead, but make on the way.
I did NOT take all of the images used, there are wonderful stocks I downloaded from deviantART:
I used four additional images in total:
Mannequin by ~hatestock
Hair by *blacksockstock, also credits to ~LilyStox and ~trisste-brushes as well.
Camera by ~Bogstock
Steampunk Googles by ~iKink

"Bodyparts No.3 & No.4"

A collaboration with my classmate Idalí for our class Problems in Photography: Present and Past.

Inspired in John Coplans photography (specifically Bodyparts No.2),